The app was developed to send free sponsored games via customized birthday messages to friends. Those messages could be sent as text, video or voice recording.

I contributed to the initial concept and mainly worked on the storyboard and animation of the app. Furthermore I contributed to the visual design of AppyGift.

AfterEffects AfterEffects

RTL Gamescout

The app was designed to  help the user to manage their mobile games and narrow down the possibility of getting an app they might not like. Some of the features were wishlists, price alerts and connection to other users via facebook to see what their friends were up to.

I personally took part in the app design and developing app features. Furthermore, I was solely responsbile for creating the mascot, which was aired in RTL TV spots.


Up close and Personal


Sandra Hoppe

As design ninja and task assassin with fast learning skills I highly enjoy doing a variety of different topics regarding my design tasks. But if being asked, which I prefer the most, I´d say illustrative works or everything that involves more care and custom made graphics.

Boring, That´s not very personal you think?

Well ok, in my free time I very much enjoy to cook for my family or play games like Resident Evil WITH my family. Yes your read right, I come from a family that enjoys the modern entertainment possibilities as much as I do. I am very certain I will introduce my grandma to the Oculus Rift. How cool is that? I like to keep up with time, be open to new things and show them to my surroundings, which also reflects in my work.

Apart from my slightly unique free time activities, people know me as a person they can ask for help,  rely on and cheer them up with dry humor. So if you smiled at least once while reading, you might want to get to know me in person. 

Looking forward to hearing from you!



Work Experience

Nov 2013 - Present

Junior Art Director |  AppLift GmbH

My first days at AppLift intruduced me to the world of online - and offline marketing and I started doing banner sets for our customer's apps and created giveaways for our multiple partners and learned a lot about the way mobile ads are distributed to drive user acquisition.

Currently my daily tasks range from redesigning the corporate website, designing event materials like booths and brochures to creating banner logos, banner sets and business cards.

• Corporate identity

• Marketing material

• Booth design
• Task management and planning

Mar 2012 - Oct 2013

Graphic Designer | Hitfox Group

I joined the Hitfox Group when they were a small startup and their main focus was selling games and gaming equipment. We soon grew and realized that this branch was not sufficient anymore and shifted to mobile advertisement.

At this point I began to dive into the subject of mobile app design and helped to create our first product called Gamefinder, which basically is an app to find featured mobile games. We developed the features until we were ready to sell the product as a whitelabel solution.

• Mobile App Design
• Illustration
• Webdesign
• Printdesign
• Newsletter

Oct 2011 - Feb 2012

Graphic Designer | FW&P Internet GmbH

The business model of FW&P Internet GmbH was acquiring and selling qualified leads and insurances.

The platform was my main responsibility. I helped to design the online service where users could contact consultants without the usual hassle of getting unwanted phone calls.

• Screen Design
• Illustration

Jun 2011 - Aug 2011

Graphic Designer | Just A Game

Just A Game was a startup, which sold games made by their own developers, as well as redistributing third party games.

The main focus on my part was to help create facebook and google ads, wallpapers and sometimes even ingame icons for the game War2Glory.

• Ad Design
• Illustration

Jun 2009 - Jun 2011

Freelancing Illustrator and Webdesigner

I worked as a freelancing designer and webdesigner.

• Illustration
• Webdesign
• Printdesign
• Logo design

Mar 2009 - Jun 2009

Graphic Design Intern | Gorden Adams

I helped executing client projects and designed custom projects.

• Illustration
• Webdesign
• Printdesign
• Logo design


Sep 2005 - May 2008

Apprenticeship Mediadesigner for digital- and printmedia | Institute for Technical Further Education Berlin e.V.

Approved by chamber of commerce and industry
Specialization in design (nonprint)

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